Due to Insurance regulations, patient payments must be specifically directed to the "treating doctor" on the specific day(s) of the patient visit. 

For example, if you saw Dr. Karlie Causey (for one or numerous patient visits) and have a statement total, and also saw Dr. Michael Ross for different patient visit(s), then it is required that you submit payment specific of the Doctor you saw.

(i.e. if you have a statement from Dr. Karlie Causey visits for $20.00, and for Dr. Michael Ross visits of $30.00, you must submit separate payments for each statement, not $50.00 total to one or the other) 

We apologize for any inconvenience this creates.

Use this button for Dr. Karlie Causey statement balances:


Use this button for Dr. Michael Ross statement balances:


Use this button for Dr. Nate Moore statement balances: