Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly do you offer in your clinic?

Chiropractic, Corrective Exercise Rehabilitation, Active Release Technique (Manual Therapy) and Massage Therapy.   

Chiropractic, as we practice, is aimed at restoring normal joint function and reduction of pain from altered bio-mechanics of the spine and extremities.  Improving range of motion to a healthy, well-balanced, and a 'normal' range is achieved through Chiropractic manipulation/mobilization of the spinal and extremity joints and joint complexes.

Corrective Exercise Rehabilitation (CER) is a focused and individualized course of care that involves manual therapy, corrective exercise, exercise rehabilitation, kinesio-taping, and joint mobilization/manipulation.  Many of these modalities overlap with what many typical Physical Therapists, Athletic Trainers, and PhysioTherapists perform in their offices or clinics.

The goal of CER is to return the patient to a level of strength, conditioning, and/or function that is better than before the injury, incident, or surgery.

In simple terms, many aspects of Physical Therapy and PhysioTherapy are aimed at taking the patient from 0% and progressing them to 30-40% of function.  Quite often, treatment goals are limited to reduction of pain and returning to normal daily household activities.

While CER, on the other hand, is aimed at taking the patient from 0% and progressing them to 110% of function.  Treatment goals include that "extra 10%" in order to return the patient to a place where they are stronger, more conditioned, and more functional than before the injury.  This is a “prevention of repeat injury” model that we fully embrace here at Seattle Sports Chiropractic.

Massage Therapy, with our therapists, range from relaxing & soothing massage to pregnancy massage therapy to deep-tissue problem specific therapeutic treatment. Our therapists are highly trained and constantly improving their skills and techniques with continuing education in a wide range of areas.  Movement assessment and integration with other practitioners is an integral part of our massage therapist’s goal.

How much does insurance cover?

All insurance policies and coverages vary. The best course of action is to call your insurance company with any questions, prior to your visit, to verify benefits.  Our office is in-network and preferred providers with most insurance plans.  In addition to the standard co-pay of many plans, along with any deductible that may apply, there is occasionally a nominal amount due with each visit because of the comprehensive nature of treatment received. However, comprehensive treatments generally result in fewer visits required (in lieu of prolonged care) which equates to less out-of-pocket expense and significantly more economical care.

What if I have no insurance or it doesn't cover your services?

Because we have a wide range of comprehensive services that we offer, our time of service rates vary depending on what the specific needs of patient care dictates.  It is best to call our office and speak directly with Ashley and she can explain in detail the expected cost of care.  Our goal is to provide high quality care that is economical and reasonable.

Do you bill under Physical Therapy or Chiropractic?

Because of the overlap between typical Physical Therapy and Corrective Exercise Rehabilitation, there is also an overlap of codes we are required to bill insurance companies.  These codes are not unique to a certain specialty (ie: Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, Naturopaths, or Physiatrists), are required by insurance to be utilized, and simply describe the type of care being provided to the patient. However, individual insurance companies can vary in how they allocate payment for these codes. Allocation of codes to Physical Therapy benefits and/or Chiropractic Rehabilitation benefits are independent of “how” they are billed. Insurance companies decide based upon their own internal parameters of where to allocate these procedures and do not freely share this information with the billing facility.  Therefore, it is necessary to contact your insurance company with any questions regarding this matter.


Do you take patients for Physical Therapy after a surgery?

Yes. While we are not "Physical Therapists", our office specializes in Physical Medicine, which incorporates physical therapy techniques, manual therapy, chiropractic, corrective exercise rehabilitation, and customized exercise homework programs.
The goal of Physical Medicine (and Corrective Exercise Rehabilitation) is to take the patient from 0% and progress them to 110% of function.  Treatment goals include the "extra 10%" in order to return the patient to place where they are stronger, more conditioned, and more functional than before the injury.  This is a “prevention of repeat injury” model that we fully embrace here at Seattle Sports Chiropractic.

Equally important, in-line with the latest research, is Pre-Surgical Pre-Habilitation.  Whereas Rehabilitation after surgery is valuable in returning the patient to normal (or even better) function, Pre-habilitation has been shown to be extremely valuable leading up to surgery.  As soon as a patient schedules surgery we can begin preparing them to go into surgery 'at their best', and further greatly improve results after the surgery. Patient results following surgery are very good with active Re-habilitation, while results following surgery are great with active Pre-habilitation.


How long is each visit?

A new patient visit is 60 minutes and a follow-up visit is typically 30 minutes.  Often times, our practitioners will instruct patients to schedule a longer follow-up visit if a more involved exercise rehabilitation and/or manual therapy session is required.

What should I wear to each appointment?

Each visit includes manual therapy, exercise, kinesio-taping and/or Chiropractic Treatment. As such, it is very important to dress accordingly. A tank top and shorts is preferred and most conducive to any area of the body you are being seen for. Simply wearing stretchy pants/tights/long sleeve shirt is not ideal and may significantly limit the effectiveness of your care. Additionally, it is equally important to be changed and ready to go before your appointment.  We have full locker rooms for you to change into appropriate clothes, prior to your appointment, if necessary.


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